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    Alle som har Palo Alto Networks brannmur og benytter seg av PAN skytjenester vil kunne oppleve frafall av tjeneste etter 31.12. Vi oppfordrer derfor alle som benytter disse tjenestene til å gjøre nødvendig oppdatering.


    Emergency Update Required - PAN-OS Root and Default Certificate Expiration!

    On December 31, 2023, the root certificate and default certificate for PAN-OS will expire. If not renewed, firewalls and Panorama will lose connectivity to Palo Alto Networks’ cloud services and impact network traffic, potentially causing an outage of the affected services.

    Action Required: Depending on the services that you are using, you will need to take the actions described in this customer advisory.


    Is there any tool I can use to determine if I’m impacted by this certificate issue?

    Please leverage the Self Impact Discovery tool at:


    Drammensveien 288

    0283 Oslo



    Sandviksbodene 1

    5035 Bergen


    Kanalsletta 4

    4033 Stavanger


    Bark Silas vei 5

    4876 Grimstad


    Dronningens gt 12

    4610 Kristiansand


    Kammakargatan 22

    111 40 Stockholm