Penetration testing performed by our experienced and certififes test personnnel - meet our Red Team

Netsecurity offers penetration testing designed to identify system vulnerabilities, validate existing security measures and provide a detailed remediation roadmap.

When testing we simulate real targeted attacks - the same way attackers would compromise your systems or organisation.

Penetration testing performed by our "ethical hackers" will identify weaknesses in your IT-systems or organisation,  addressing critical issues before hey become a business risk.

We offer penetration testing within several areas (examples):

  • Web-application
  • Network & infrastructure
  • Inside testing
  • Outside testing
  • Stolen device scenario
  • Applications: Java, Flash, Silverlight, PE, ELF etc
  • Mobile apps
  • Wireless
  • Social manipulation
  • Phishing
  • Physical onsite testing

The Netsecurity Incident Response Team gives you the expertise and help you need to quickly establish normal business operations at a security event.

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