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Test your security with Penetration Testing

We identify and map the vulnerabilities of your business

Detecting vulnerabilities in your own IT systems is very difficult. This is both because no IT system is flawless and because malicious actors are constantly developing new methods and tools to attack you.

A penetration test, or pentest, is a security test that simulates an attack. The purpose is to uncover vulnerabilities and holes in your business before the malicious hackers find them. The penetration test is carried out by ethical hackers, who make various attempts to enter the business - either physically or digitally. They behave like an actual intruder, but do no real damage.

All businesses have security gaps. A penetration test will reveal vulnerabilities before threat actors find them.

John-André Bjørkhaug,
Ethical hacker at Netsecurity

Penetration testing by certified experts

Penetration testing is performed by highly experienced and highly competent security experts. They have up-to-date and detailed knowledge of cybercriminals' tools, tactics and procedures. Our security experts have internationally recognized certifications in penetration testing.

Doyou know where you are most vulnerable? In my experience, many people don't have an overview and think they're safe when in reality they have many security gaps. A penetration test will reveal this.

John-André Bjørkhaug
Ethical hacker in Netsecurity
John-André Bjørkhaug

Learn more about the different penetration tests

Internal penetration test

In an internal penetration test, we will simulate a targeted threat actor that has gained access to your company's internal network, a so-called "Assumed breach" scenario. We also test whether it is possible to take over infrastructure.

Physical penetration test

In a physical penetration test, we will investigate whether it is possible to gain physical access to your company using techniques such as social engineering, cloning of access cards, tail gating or manipulation of locking mechanisms.

Phishing and social engineering

To measure the level of information security in a company, we simulate a real phishing attack by sending out customized emails to targets in your company. The number of clicks and logins are stored and analyzed.

Penetration test of OT environment

During a penetration test of your company's OT environment, we test segmentation against IT, supplier connections, communication protocols, network security monitoring and endpoints.

Penetration test of web application

We check outdated code libraries, authentication flows, access management and communication with cloud solutions. This uncovers opportunities to extract sensitive data. The goal is to find as many vulnerabilities as possible to create a report that shows how the application can be protected.

Penetration test of mobile app

In our testing, we use both static analysis - i.e. examining the app as it is delivered to users without running it, and dynamic analysis - i.e. running and testing the application in a test environment. APIs are thoroughly tested for relevant weaknesses.

Jens Elmholt Birkeland

Jens Elmholt Birkeland

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John-André Bjørkhaug

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