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Strategic Advisors

The threat landscape is complex, and it's difficult to know where to take action or which measures are the most important. It's difficult to have an overview of the risks your business faces, and we see that many lack good, tried-and-tested plans for what to do the day they are attacked.

Our strategic advisors can help you get an overview of your risks and map your assets, as well as advise on the measures that need to be put in place to protect them. The measures will also ensure that you comply with the requirements you are subject to, such as various insurance requirements.

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Our Strategic Advisors can assist with


Maturity assessment

A maturity assessment evaluates their level of maturity in cybersecurity. The assessment is based on the efforts to identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover systems.

High-level risk assessment

A high-level risk assessment maps out whether you have identified relevant risk areas and if necessary measures have been implemented. Your assets are identified, and recommended measures to secure them are presented in the deliverable.

Information Security Management System (ISMS)

Risks and vulnerabilities change every day. This requires that the work on information security is continuously evolving. Systematizing this work is therefore essential. This follows best practices and is tailored to your organization.

Crisis and Contingency Plan

Together with you, we define who does what when a cybersecurity incident occurs. Many organizations already have existing contingency plans for various areas but lack them for IT security. We ensure that it becomes a part of your organization's contingency plan.


Response time is a critical factor during a cyberattack. Experience shows that regular exercises are the most important factor for reducing the time it takes to respond to a cyberattack. The exercises help identify areas for improvement or weaknesses in existing processes.

CISO – Support as a Service

The work on information security is a comprehensive task and requires the execution of a variety of activities. If you lack the expertise, time, or resources internally, we can assist you both as a resource and a sparring partner.

Gap analysis: Map the gap between current state vs. desired state

The aim of a gap analysis is to evaluate
the difference between the current situation and a
desired situation. The analysis is done to ensure
that the gap is closed and that the right
actions are taken so that the business reaches
its goals in a correct and efficient way.

- BIR needed an overall risk assessment of information security related to the OT and IT areas of the group. Netsecurity performed the task in a professional, trustworthy and structured manner throughout the process. Through interviews and the collection of strategic and operational data, we were examined and analyzed for strengths and weaknesses. BIR has seen great value in being able to establish a baseline status in the areas and received very good and clear advice from Netsecurity through the evaluation of this work, so that we are now much better equipped to prioritize the measures we can get the greatest possible effect from.

Roger Langedal
Enterprise Architect, BIR AS
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Strategic consulting

Strategic consulting in Netsecurity is about adapting security to the business context. It's about implementing the right measures to ensure that the business has sufficient security based on the values to be secured, the requirements to which it is subject and the business's risk acceptance. In most cases, security measures will be a limiting factor for the company's freedom to carry out its actual mission. It is therefore important that the measures introduced are the right ones for the business and that they actually reduce risk.

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Holistic security advice

Holistic security consulting means that Netsecurity can assist companies with advice within the entire cyber security area. We help companies establish a risk-based approach to security and establish security measures that help reduce actual risk. We believe in a systematic approach to security where we reduce risk through the introduction of measures where they have the best effect, be it on a technical, process or human level.

Netsecurity's advisors can assist companies in the following areas, among others

1. Maturity assessment and gap analysis

  • Assessment of a company's current situation
  • Due diligence

2. Risk management

  • Value assessment
  • Threat assessment
  • Scenario development
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Overall risk assessment
  • Risk and vulnerability analysis

3. Information security management system (ISMS)

  • Implementation, operationalization and continuous improvement

4. Security culture

  • Training and E-learning
  • Safety workshops
  • Safety lectures
  • Awareness campaigns

5. Incident management

  • Assistance to management and crisis and emergency response organization during incidents
  • Assistance after serious incidents to identify root cause and establish action plan to prevent recurrence

6. Crisis and contingency plans and exercises

  • Crisis and contingency plans
  • Exercises and drills

7. Audits

  • Assistance to internal audit
  • Supplier audit

8. General safety advice and safety management

Jens Elmholt Birkeland

Jens Elmholt Birkeland

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