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About our security partner Proofpoint

With Proofpoint, we deliver an effective and unified solution to protect employees and critical data from advanced email threats. We protect your business across all channels, including email, web, cloud, social media and mobile messaging.

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Sophisticated threat protection

Stop malware, phishing and fraud attempts across email, cloud and mobile messaging.

Give detected attacks an organized response and get actionable insights on who in your business are VAPs (Very Attacked People).

Protect your information

Gain visibility into where sensitive data is being exposed, whether it's in email or in the cloud. Lock down access to files in the cloud, prevent data loss, and archive emails and other communications to comply with all laws and regulations.

Take care of your users

Educate your employees and mitigate risk with advanced threat simulations and awareness training. Protect them across personal email correspondence and web browsing.

Protect the entire ecosystem

Secure the digital channels you don't own. Block fraudulent attacks and malicious content using both trusted and fake email domains, web domains and social media profiles.

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