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MDR for municipalities

Get the peace of mind you need 24/7 - 365 days a year

Rapid response prevents attacks


With our SOC service for the municipal sector, we connect to the municipality's existing technology and supplement it with mdr 24/7, 365 days a year.


  • A fast and effective response is not just about informing, but about taking action to prevent an attack. Our security monitoring works by connecting to your municipality's IT systems, allowing us to stop incidents directly in the system without you having to do anything.

  • For you as a municipality, this means far fewer successful attacks and reduced risk before the incident gets a foothold and the extent of the damage becomes too great.


Private business? Read more about our mdr platform:

Standard monitoring of essentials - with the option to expand

With our mdr, you get a service that covers the most important areas of monitoring; Identity (users) and endpoint.

We connect to existing technology

Our municipal SOC will provide value from day one by integrating the municipality's existing security portfolio through API integrations. We collect relevant data related to alarms, logs and events from the various solutions in operation today. Our platform supports more than 800 integrations.

How does mdr for
municipalities work?

Chain symbol

We connect to the municipality's solutions, both locally (onPrem) and cloud solutions (SaaS)

Gear icon

We collect relevant logs, alarms and incident data

Hand pointing

The alarms will be analyzed and Netsecurity will make active response back in the municipality's solution.

Customer experiences

Benefits of mdr for municipalities

  • We stop ongoing attacks by responding directly in the customer's system

  • You get round-the-clock monitoring and response

  • An AI-based platform that results in far fewer successful attacks

  • Log analysis and secure storage of log data

  • Notification of incidents

  • You get regular threat intelligence and reports from us

  • You get follow-up and advice from our experts on actions to take

Fast onboarding

  • Netsecurity gets access to infrastructure and API

  • You must have established reception for alerts and be able to answer the phone

  • You're ready, and 24/7/365 security monitoring has started



Jens Elmholt Birkeland

Jens Elmholt Birkeland

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