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Extreme Networks is the most powerful end-to-end networking solution on the market, and we at Netsecurity are proud to be Extreme's largest partner in Norway. In the product portfolio, you'll find a unique solution for automatic registration and configuration, which includes switches, wireless access points, network access (NAC) and network analysis. You get all of this under one management platform, and this is what puts Extreme Networks in a class of its own.

With an Extreme Networks network, you can fully understand and analyze data traffic on a per-port, per-device and per-application basis across the entire network. This applies to both local networks and across cloud applications.

Netsecurity is a Black Diamond Partner

Netsecurity has been a partner of Extreme Networks since 2001. We are a Black Diamond partner - the highest accreditation you can have with Extreme Networks. It requires significant investment in training and resources.

In addition, we have the following specializations within Extreme Networks' solutions:


  • Master Campus
  • Master Edge
  • Master Cloud & Applications
  • Security & Access Control
  • ExtremeWireless
  • ExtremeSwitching
  • Cloud, Management & Automation

Extreme Networks - living up to its name

Extreme Networks has an advanced, cloud-based enterprise solution that is unique in today's market. This end-to-end solution is ideal for businesses where connectivity is the minimum expectation.

The management tool, network analytics and a significant range of switches and access points give you the most advanced networking technology on the market - without compromising on usability, functionality and performance.

Certified user support

Netsecurity is a certified Partnerworks partner. This means that we are your point of contact for assistance with technical questions, troubleshooting and error correction.

Why Netsecurity and Extreme Networks?

Netsecurity has implemented and maintained a large number of Extreme Networks installations in Norway. This experience has enabled us to provide the highest level of service to our customers, with an impressive range of services. Everything we do is aimed at improving the user experience.

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