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Kristiania has professionalized its IT security with Netsecurity on the team

Kristiania is Norway's largest independent liberal arts college, with more than 16,000 students, 800 employees and a wide range of courses in Oslo, Bergen and online.

Sporveien increases efficiency and reduces risk with smart Fabric-to-the-Edge network

Netsecurity is now modernizing Sporveien's extensive network infrastructure with equipment and solutions from Extreme Networks, making the infrastructure more secure, easier to manage and less prone to errors.

Eidsiva strengthens its security initiative with Netsecurity

With this, we will be able to offer more holistic and comprehensive security solutions," says Vidar Sandland, technical director at Eidsiva sikkerhetstjenester.

GlobalConnect partners with Netsecurity

Through the partnership with Netsecurity, we will be able to offer a range of innovative and proven solutions that further strengthen our portfolio," says Charlotta Rehman, CEO of GlobalConnect Norway.

Aurskog-Høland municipality: Lacked resources for the on-call service - opted for tailor-made MDR service with 24/7 emergency response

- "Our shoulders have previously been quite high in the department, but now they are at a more normal level. It's a big responsibility to ensure all the important services the municipality delivers to its citizens," says Espen Skarvang at Aurskog-Høland municipality.

Sandefjord Municipality: Modernizing a large municipality's firewall is no easy task.

Sandefjord Municipality is at the forefront of a more secure public ICT Norway. The main pillar of the municipality's overall security strategy is IT security and privacy, which they are working ambitiously to be at the forefront of. Based on the Zero Trust philosophy, they are also working closely to popularize the security culture.

Kragerø municipality experiences increased security with Netsecurity on the team

- "I think many municipalities would have an 'aha' moment if they saw how much activity was going on," says IT Manager at Kragerø Municipality, Adam Moen.

For Kragerø Municipality, Netsecurity is not a resting place, but a good partner to have on the team.

Collaboration with Netsecurity frees up resources for Kruse Smith

- "We see many attempts to break into our systems on a daily basis, so it is clearly critical for us to have a high focus on security," says Harry Ljosdal, IT Manager at Kruse Smith.

Embriq chose Netsecurity as its IT security partner

- "Since we work with critical infrastructure, IT security is a high priority. All our systems must be robust and able to withstand attacks," says Carl Arne Fladmark at Embriq.

CCB chose security monitoring from Netsecurity

- "We definitely notice that times are different now. We maintain offshore rigs and vessels, so it's clear that we're a target for sabotage and attacks. This means that we have to work extra hard on security at all levels," says IT Manager Thomas Sekkingstad.

Two stolen email accounts led to 5 million spam messages and a closed email system

A few years ago, Kristiansand Municipality fell victim to a phishing attack. Information went astray via two email accounts, and in a short time the municipality had sent out 5 million spam messages to the whole of Norway. So the municipality had to take action.

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