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Simpler network architecture


High security

Modern networks for the future

Our network solutions are both flexible and robust, enabling our customers to meet future demands and user requirements.

Netsecurity uses Extreme Networks' Extreme Fabric Connect technology, which is based on Shortest Patch Bridging (SPB), which provides a significantly simpler network architecture compared to traditional networks.

A traditional network today will include many protocols that require a high level of expertise from those who will configure, operate and possibly troubleshoot the network. With Extreme Fabric Connect, only oneprotocol is used.

Benefits of Extreme Fabric Connect

A network based on Extreme Fabric Connect will consist of the physical network and an unlimited number of virtual networks. The physical network can be built in any topology that you want or need. The same goes for the virtual networks.

In many ways, it can be compared to a virtualization solution that you are familiar with from servers. The physical network can be seen as a "network hypervisor".

  • Better utilization of capacity (bandwidth)
  • Loop-free network where all links are active at the same time - dramatically increases available bandwidth
  • Fast convergence on outages - from minutes to milliseconds
  • Unique support for network segmentation, both in layer 2 and layer 3 networks
  • Elastic architecture - can be interconnected in any conceivable topology or mix of topologies
  • Scalability - new switches are automatically included and expand the fabric
  • Link-level traffic encryption with MACsec
John-André Bjørkhaug

John-André Bjørkhaug

Subject Matter Expert

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Why choose fabric-based networking?

  • Provides very high security.
  • It is not possible to attack/hack nodes configured according to best practices.
  • Is extremely flexible and supports any physical Ethernet topology.
  • Virtualization is a built-in part of the technology.
  • New virtual networks (both Layer 2 and Layer 3), or changes, can be established in minutes. There is full separation between the different virtual networks, but traffic can be opened up between selected networks if desired.
  • Multicast is built into the technology and there is no need for a separate multicast protocol.
  • Provides very high reliability and very fast rerouting of traffic if a link or a switch should fail.


Switches for all purposes

  • The Extreme Networks switch portfolio consists of a large number of switch models from powerful core and data centers to smaller edge switches. Extreme Networks' switches are based on the following operating systems:

    • VOSS
    • EXOS
    • SLX-OS
Jens Elmholt Birkeland

Jens Elmholt Birkeland

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