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The most modern Wi-Fi technology on the market

Netsecurity delivers wireless networks based on the market's most modern WiFi technology -ExtremeWireless Cloud, which is Extreme Network's cloud-based WLAN solution. This is a distributed WLAN solution that is managed entirely in ExtremeCloud IQ (XiQ).

Distributed means that the solution does not use one (or more) dedicated WLAN controller, but that the controller function is distributed to each individual access point, which together perform the controller function. These talk to each other and are able to do RF checks, client roaming and authentication without communicating with the cloud. This means that the network will function undisturbed even if access to the cloud is interrupted.

A distributed, cloud-based solution for WLAN has a number of advantages

  • No large investments in WLAN controllers, which need to be replaced at regular intervals.
  • The absence of WLAN controllers means fewer management points and reduced data traffic in the network.
  • Continuous access to new functionality within the same license level.
  • Automatic software upgrades that do not affect WLAN availability
  • "Unlimited" scalability
  • Predictable costs
  • Possibility of rolling upgrades
Wireless network

Benefits of ExtremeCloud IQ WLAN

  • ExtremeWireless Cloud consists of a portfolio of indoor and outdoor access points that cover all needs, whether it's low or high density of users.
  • Easy Zero Touch positioning of devices in locations that do not require technical expertise. Pure plug n' play technology that saves time and technical resources.
  • Easy integration with 3rd party radius server (NAC)
  • The solution supports industry standards for authentication and authorization, including pre-shared keying, WPAv2/3 PSK, WPAv2/3 Enterprise with 802.1x, MAC based authentication, registration and (captive) portals.
  • Bring your own device (BYOD) gets encrypted data traffic over regular GRE tunnel with IPsec embedded in XiQ technology with individual PPSK over Private Client Group (PCG).
  • Secure and scalable on-boarding of all types of users and devices with individual keys (Private Pre-Shared Keys - PPSK).
  • Support for micro-segmentation with division into small (or large) groups (Private Client Group - PCG).
    • Provides extra security when dealing with large numbers of unauthorized devices and protects individual users (defined as single user, school class, team, etc.) by preventing devices from seeing each other.
  • Sharing of PPSK is done by built-in SMS gateway in XiQ (no extra costs for SMS GW) or via email.
    • Complete management solution with logging and analysis tools

Useful features included in ExtremeCloud IQ

  • ExtremeAirDefense, a wireless system for preventing unwanted intrusions via the wireless network.
  • ExtremeLocation providing proximity, presence and location-based services.
  • ExtremeGuest offering Wi-Fi access combined with network analysis of guest users.
  • ExtremeIoT for management, profiling and segmentation of IoT devices.
  • ExtremeCompliance offering compliance testing for PCI, HIPAA and GDPR.
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