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Security products your company operates itself

Your safety is our business

The reality is this: If your business is online without you actively taking steps to protect it, your information is available to anyone.

Our security products

Cloud security

Cloud Security

Cloud services are all the rage, but did you know that security is still your responsibility? We help you get an overview and control.
Endpoint security

Endpoint Security

Most attacks target employees' devices. Endpoint security protects the individual, and the entire company.

Email security

Email Security

Did you know that more than 90 percent of cyberattacks start via email? With the right measures, you can reduce the risk considerably.

Vulnerability scanning

Vulnerability Scanning

Do you know if your IT systems are at risk of being exploited by malicious actors? A vulnerability scan gives you the insight you need.

Security awareness training

Security Awareness Training

Many security breaches are caused by human error. Raise awareness in your business with security awareness training.
Firewall safety

Firewall Security

Did you know that firewalls are necessary for segmentation and local east-west traffic control? Modern firewalls come in both virtual and physical versions.

John-André Bjørkhaug

John-André Bjørkhaug

Subject Matter Expert

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Our key strategic technology partners

Netsecurity works with some of the world's leading manufacturers of security and infrastructure solutions. See who we work with here.

IT Security integrated into your business

Data attacks are among the biggest threats to Norwegian businesses.
We help you build IT Security into every aspect of your business.
Jens Elmholt Birkeland

Jens Elmholt Birkeland

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