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Identify risky users

What is security awareness training?

Have you noticed that all kinds of businesses are affected by data attacks - even those with very robust security equipment?

Half of the 1,601 participants in the 2020 Darknet Survey say that security breaches are caused by human error.

Security awareness training is an action you can take to raise security awareness in your business. It's a necessary complement to traditional IT security mechanisms.

3 steps to safer behavior

Security awareness training follows three steps.

  1. Identify users who are particularly vulnerable to attack.
  2. Log real and simulated attacks against them.
  3. Analyze behavior and change risky habits.
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1. Identify risks

Our solution from Proofpoint identifies who in your organization is under attack and allows you to evaluate their ability to protect themselves.

Through Very Attacked People (VAP) reports, threat simulations and knowledge assessments, you get a clear risk picture of your business.

VAP reports provide valuable insight into who is clicking on malicious content and who is vulnerable to attack.

2. Change user behavior

Once you've identified vulnerable users, we'll help you with targeted training to change risky behavior.

The training program is based on an extensive content library and can be adapted to any need. The methodology is built on Learning Science Principles, where user engagement is at the center. This ensures maximum learning outcomes.

3. Reduce your exposure

Reporting suspicious emails is easy withthe PhishAlarm® Email add-on. This allows you to turn vulnerability into protection, because your employees become a robust last line of defense.

Message content is analyzed by Proofpoint's threat mechanism, while potentially harmful URLs and attachments are isolated.

Your administrators can choose to automatically defuse reported messages and send users customized feedback. This is calledClosed-Loop Email Analysis and Response (CLEAR). The solution dramatically cuts down on the time it takes to neutralize an active threat.

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