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Full cloud visibility, identify and manage anomalies, threats and incidents


Full protection of your own and your customers' data in Azure, GCP and AWS


Full adherence to compliance requirements - monitor and report deviations

What is Cloud Security?

The cloud offers many opportunities, and in many cases increased levels of information security. When it's done right. Cloud security is about roles, responsibility models, processes and technology. Cloud providers deliver some of this, but not all, and those of us who use the cloud are responsible for the data that is sent to, stored in, accessed, produced and processed in the cloud. Our task is to provide cloud users with sufficient insight, control and protection to fulfill their part of the responsibility.

Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud

We use Prisma Cloud to assist our customers with secure utilization of Azure, AWS and GCP. Whether it's transparency, compliance, asset overview, securing containers, serverless, CI/CD security. You can't secure what you can't see. Prisma Cloud provides full visibility of cloud services, easy compliance status, full overview of assets and securing them, whether you have a single or multi-cloud strategy. One solution, common policy and interface to relate to. That way you secure everything in one place.

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Is your data safe?


Whether the company has moved to the cloud or established itself in the cloud, the responsibility is the same. Whether it's SaaS, Iaas or PaaS, data is processed in someone else's data center. Once established in the cloud, very few companies carry out an audit of the cloud service.

  • Who has access to the data?
  • Is multi-factor used?
  • What assets do we have?
  • Is the data free of malware?
  • Is all activity logged?

We assist with security audits and control of your cloud services.

Our services within Cloud Security

How do you actually secure your cloud environment?

Audit of cloud environment

The purpose of a cloud environment audit from Netsecurity is to ensure that the customer's cloud infrastructure and identity management are set up and configured in a secure manner. Our audits of Azure and O365 are based on CIS, which is a framework for best practices and security configuration of cloud environments.

Secure infrastructure in the cloud

As one of the country's leading security companies, security architecture is part of our DNA. We help our customers build a secure cloud infrastructure that forms the foundation of their cloud journey.

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