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Incident Response

If your business is affected by a data breach, you usually need urgent help.

Our incident management team will make sure you limit the damage as quickly and as much as possible.

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What is Incident Response?

Incident response consists of both acute help if you have been hacked, but also preventive measures. By exchanging information in advance, we are able to drastically reduce the time it would normally take to get an overview of an incident. We work actively to establish proactive security in various activities.

Netsecurity's incident response team consists of highly certified and experienced security consultants. We specialize in helping businesses get back to normal business operations as quickly as possible, at the lowest possible cost.

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Benefits of having an incident response agreement

  • Emergency phone 24/7/365
  • Agreement with 2 hours response time
  • An incident management team approved by NSM
  • A team tailored to your needs and your incident
  • Access to security expertise
  • Help in identifying measures after a security incident

Benefits of having an incident management agreement

  • Emergency phone 24/7/365

  • Agreement with 2 hours response time

  • An incident management team approved by NSM

  • A team tailored to your needs and event

  • Access to safety expertise

  • Helps to identify actions after a security incident

We are approved by the National Security Authority

Netsecurity is part of the National Security Authority's approval scheme for incident management.

About the approval scheme, NSM writes that "NSM has set strict but relevant requirements for those who wish to apply for the scheme. Applicants must not only document that they are technically capable of handling an incident, but they must also satisfy defined requirements in nine different areas of incident management. This includes areas such as organization, process, competence, tools and reporting."


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What does the incident response team help with?

We always follow a predictable and quality-assured procedure:

Preparation is a very important phase in order to reduce the time it takes to respond and carry out successful incident management. The incident response team uses experience from previous incidents and knowledge from ethical hacking in its preventive work with you as a customer. We can also assist with contingency plans and testing of these.
We uncover and classify what has happened and to what extent, identify the perpetrator(s) and method, and/or identify malware, attack vector and tools.
We stop the "bleeding" to prevent further unwanted activity and future damage to the system. The incident response team shuts down systems or parts of systems in the short or long term, secures evidence, makes necessary changes and closes the window of opportunity for an attacker.
Cleaning up
We throw the attackers and their tools out of the systems. The incident response team removes malware and establishes better defenses, such as vulnerability scanning or penetration testing.
We help restore your business to normal business operations. The incident response team monitors systems in case the attackers return, and installs and operates intrusion prevention systems.
(lessons learned)
We learn from every incident we handle. The incident response team identifies key improvement points, prepares a detailed report with recommended actions and implements the actions.

Did you know that...

Companies that are prepared are in a much stronger position in the event of a cyber attack. This means both having clear routines on what to do and having practiced in advance.

Read also: The National Security Authority's advice on digital attacks. (in Norwegian)


Want to know more?

Do you have questions about how Netsecurity can help your business, or are you ready to get started? Get in touch and we'll have a chat about how we can best help you move forward.


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