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Mobile Phone Security

Communicate securely from your smartphone
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Eavesdropping on mobile telephony is difficult to detect


Communicate securely via smartphone


Encrypted communication solutions

Secure Mobile Communication

In all industries and sectors, mobile phones are used as work tools, and company secrets and sensitive information are shared daily in mobile phone conversations.

Companies spend a lot of time and resources on securing their IT systems, but often forget that mobile phones and mobile networks can also be tapped. Mobile phone interception is difficult to detect, but not that complicated to carry out.

Encrypted communication solutions

We have entered into an exclusive agreement with Dencrypt to deliver secure mobile communication in Norway.

Dencrypt develops encrypted communication solutions that enable companies and public organizations to communicate sensitive and business-critical information in a safe and secure way.

The solution is delivered both as a service and as a solution that the customer manages themselves.

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Dynamic encryption

Dencrypt enables smartphone users to communicate securely. The voice communication and messaging app uses end-to-end encryption to protect data. This allows commonly available but insecure data channels, such as Wi-Fi or mobile data networks, to be used for sensitive communications. Dynamic encryption is used to provide the highest level of protection.

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