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Reduced risk of data breaches

What is Endpoint Security?

A user's endpoint, i.e. PC, laptop, tablet or mobile, is the route to a company's assets. It is this path that an attacker wants to exploit.

Traditional antivirus cannot protect against modern and automated attacks and must be replaced with proactive solutions that can protect against unknown and new vulnerabilities and methods.

Modern endpoint solutions leverage the infinite capacity of the cloud to protect against even the most advanced attacks. Endpoint security in combination with network security offers great benefits.

Your peace of mind, our expertise

Netsecurity uses Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDR to secure all types of endpoints. We analyze data from endpoints and compare it with the company's network traffic for increased accuracy.

We are one of the few Cortex XDR/XSOAR specialized partners. We deliver this both as a solution and a service for those who do not have their own analysis and event capacity.

Cortex XDR and our certified consultants provide immediate protection and full visibility into what's going on in your company's networks and endpoints.

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Is your business safe?

Successful attacks take place in permitted network traffic. All other traffic is not permitted.

With advanced endpoint security, there are fewer successful attacks. Our Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDR specialists help secure all types of endpoints. The same goes for securing servers in the data center and in the cloud.

For optimal results, network traffic is also analyzed in combination with analysis of activity on all endpoints.


If you want Endpoint Security delivered as a service, read more here:

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