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Disaster Recovery

Netsecurity Disaster Recovery

If disaster strikes, Netsecurity Disaster Recovery ensures that your entire IT environment is back up and running within minutes. Disaster Recovery is run from our data center and ensures that you avoid downtime and costly downtime for your systems.

The service is based on the replication of critical servers to our operations centers over a secure VPN connection. We use software from the manufacturer Veeam, which in recent years has distinguished itself as the leading player in the market for such solutions.

In the event of a disaster, the operating environment will be started up from a replicated copy in our virtual operating environment, and the servers will be available over the VPN connection within a few minutes. Netsecurity does not use any storage solutions other than those we have full control over and which are located in our operating environments in Norway.

Please contact us for a quote on Disaster Recovery:

  • The IT environment is back up in minutes

  • Avoid downtime and costly outages

  • Software from Veeam

  • Operating environment in Norway

Under attack?

Netsecurity's Incident Response Team provides you with the expertise and assistance you need to quickly establish normal business operations in the event of a security incident.
Jens Elmholt Birkeland

Jens Elmholt Birkeland

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