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About our security partner Juniper Networks

AI-powered network

Netsecurity, through our technology partner Juniper Networks, offers an AI-powered secure network. With the combination of AI (artificial intelligence), machine learning and data science techniques, we provide optimized user experiences and simplified processes across wireless access, wired access and SD-WAN domains.

What are the benefits of AI-powered networks?

AI-powered networks can analyze large amounts of data and use this information to predict future trends and events - so-called predictive analytics. This can help organizations make informed decisions and improve forecasting. In addition, it increases both performance and user experience.

AI-powered networks also give you insights that weren't previously available. This includes, for example, built-in troubleshooting capabilities, as well as the ability to ask the network what should be prioritized to maximize performance for users.

Benefits of Juniper Networks AI-powered platform

Juniper Network's AI-powered platform collects data from a variety of sources (clients/users) to provide an optimal user experience for the user. The solution measures values and events that affect performance and proactively alerts on this. This ensures that users achieve the best experience at all times.

For the business, the solution will provide savings and more efficient management of the network. AI-powered networks save time and money with faster problem resolution and fewer site visits. Users benefit from a network infrastructure that is more predictable, reliable and measurable.

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  • Efficient network management

  • Smarter and faster problem solving

  • More predictable and reliable infrastructure

Juniper Networks considered as quadrant leader

Gartner named Juniper furthest in vision and highest in execution, in the 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Wired & Wireless LAN Infrastructure.

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