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Our security partner in OT and IoT

With Cisco OT Solutions we can help you realize growth or improve security within OT-related networks. Cisco has the longest and most comprehensive product solution for this sector.

This technology provides a greater ability to support business development from a reliable, transparent technology foundation - which is also compatible with future technology releases.

We are an IoT Advantage Specialized Partner

Netsecurity is one of three companies in Norway approved by Cisco as an IoT Advantage Specialized partner. This confirms Netsecurity's security investment in OT (Operational Technology).

Only SOC provider with OT integration on Norwegian soil

Netsecurity is the only Cisco IoT Advantage Specialized partner in Norway with 24/7 manned security monitoring (SOC) on Norwegian soil that now gets OT integration through our SOAR-based security monitoring center.

Netsecurity supports Cisco's entire OT portfolio and together with Palo Alto Networks' IoT solutions, we cover the entire product spectrum within IoT/OT. In addition, Netsecurity offers its strategic OT advisors assistance with OT frameworks, contingency plans/exercises and incident management.


Why use Cisco sensor technology?

Cisco's Cyber Vision provides full visibility into industrial networks and their OT security posture. That way, they have the information they need to reduce the attack surface, segment the industrial network and enforce cybersecurity policies. It helps you understand threat exposure with detailed dynamic asset inventories, as well as reduce the attack surface with visibility into vulnerabilities.

Risk scores from Cisco Kenna helps you prioritize remediation. This is done together with industrialized infrastructure and embedded sensors with IDS, as well as Snort services .

Cisco IoT sensor technology provides several benefits in OT. With Cisco Industrial Asset Vision, you can easily and securely monitor assets and facilities in industrial environments.You also get centralized visibility of your data and can monitor remote facilities easily and securely.

Benefits of the technology

Get an overview of what's happening on your network and where information is flowing
  • Overview of devices and communication patterns through passive listening of network traffic
  • Dynamic communication map with detailed information about application flow level
  • It is also possible to get an overview of equipment located in the levels of the Purdue model

You get an easy overview of your security situation in your OT network
  • Vulnerability detection identifies vulnerabilities in equipment so that you can address them before they are exploited
  • Risk scoring prioritizes which devices are the most critical in the network and suggests measures to reduce risk based on their criticality and likelihood of the device being compromised

Get a quick overview of unwanted changes and incidents
  • Traceability of process changes in devices and control systems
  • Visibility into manipulation of devices and control systems

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