Netsecurity is a Norwegian owned company delivering their services from Norway, focused and specialised within IT security. We currently employ over 50 people, have offices in Oslo, Kristiansand, Grimstad, Stavanger and Bergen. We thrive at attracting the best resources available in the market, offering a unique opportunity to work with leading customers, best-of-breed technology while being part a highly skilled team.

The security market is changing daily, and we see constantly challenges impacting customers creating a rapidly rising set of security challenges.

Insight and intelligence are at the core of every top-class security operation. Netsecurity’s holistic security approach is built around our world class SOC Services. We have developed a market leading cybersecurity operation, by investing in breakthrough innovation and best-of-breed-technology. This enables our customers access to an agile security organisation that embeds security into every aspect of their operations,aligning it with each customers specific business needs. In building resilience from the core, our customers businesses can operate and grow confidently even in today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape.