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CCB chose MDR from Netsecurity

- "We definitely notice that times are different now. We maintain offshore rigs and vessels, so it's clear that we're a target for sabotage and attacks. This means that we have to work extra hard on security at all levels," says IT Manager Thomas Sekkingstad.

After the leak in the Baltic Sea, the offshore company CCB, like other critical businesses, was upgraded to security level 2. For CCB, this has meant increased vigilance, more patrols by police and security guards, and not least more IT security measures:

- "We have many international companies that dock with us over the course of a year. We're the place where they get the necessary upgrades - from physical to digital. It is therefore very important that we work systematically with IT security. Now we saw that we needed even better monitoring of our infrastructure.


- Having 24/7 MDR is fundamentally important today.That's why we wanted to introduce it in our company.

Thomas Sekkingstad, IT Manager at CCB

Thomas Sekkingstad in CCB


MDR fundamentally important

Managed Detection and Response is all about detecting and responding to suspicious activity in your business infrastructure. When the fastest hackers in the world take 10-12 minutes from finding a hole to taking over your system, response time is everything:

- Having 24/7/365 MDR is fundamentally important today, and that's why we wanted to introduce it at our company. We needed some experts to lean on, and that's when we chose Netsecurity.


Ordinary alerting not good enough

CCB has had an alert system for a long time, but it has only monitored servers and infrastructure is up and running

- "We would never have been able to stop an attack at the outset with the alert system we've used until now. In practice, this means that you've already been attacked by the time you're alerted, and by then it's too late. We didn't want to end up in that situation," explains the IT manager.


Automatic monitoring provides a response in minutes

Netsecurity is one of the few Norwegian suppliers to have automated MDR. This means that all alarms are both analyzed and handled automatically: Automation handles 90% of alarms, while the most advanced alarms are forwarded to the 24/7 monitoring experts:

- Netsecurity's platform ensures a response time of just a few minutes. "It gives me peace of mind, now I know that we have a partnership that allows us to act quickly if something happens," says Sekkingstad.


Very simple integration

blinQ, a partner of Netsecurity and the advisory IT partner to CCB, assisted CCB throughout the entire process - from decision to implementation of the SOC.

- "It was almost surprising how easy it was to get started. Netsecurity got access to our infrastructure and API, we made sure we had reception for notifications - and we were off and running.


Owners and senior management who prioritize IT security


CCB is at the forefront of security. But Sekkingstad understands that you can't sit back and therefore always works according to the principle of keeping up with the times and updating based on the threat situation.

-"The warnings are big now. It's not a question of if something will happen, but when. When we have the customers we have and work in the industry we do, it's clear we're on the radar. That's why it's so important that we strengthen ourselves - and continue to strengthen ourselves in line with the threat situation," explains Sekkingstad.

The IT manager is not alone in thinking about IT security. Both the owners and senior management at CCB take IT security seriously:

- "I have support from the very top, and it's clear that this makes my work easier to carry out.

-It was almost surprising how easy it was to get started

Thomas Sekkingstad

CCB base March 2022

Better sleep?


So, the million-dollar question: Does IT manager Sekkingstad sleep well at night now?

- Haha... I don't know if I - or any other IT managers in my industry for that matter - can say they sleep well at night. But I can definitely say I sleep a whole lot better, concludes a smiling Sekkingstad.


Do you want to get started with Managed Detection and Response?

About CCB (Coast Center Base)

  • CCB is a cornerstone company on Sotra, in Øygarden municipality in Western Norway. The head office is at Ågotnes, but they are also located at Mongstad.
  • CCB offers a wide range of services to the petroleum and maritime industries, with an emphasis on maintenance and classification of rigs and vessels. In addition, maintenance of subsea equipment as well as storage, mobilization, logistics and port services are also provided.
  • Established in 1973, CCB currently has 400 employees.
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About BlinQ

  • BlinQ is a technology partner and consultancy that delivers IT services.
  • Consists of over 60 technical consultants, advisors and project managers with extensive experience from smart and efficient implementation, operation and management of IT infrastructure.
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